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‘Cure & Care, Quality of Life’

Average life expectancy will continue rising in the coming decades, the aging population will increase along with the costs of illness to society. Demographic changes and the increase of the number of people with one or more chronic diseases, make a reorganisation of care in our society necessary. The health care system is no longer affordable and citizens are expected to actively take on care tasks. At the same time, a growing group of consumers wants to make their own decisions when it comes to their health and way of life. This becomes possible using technology and ICT, among other things.

The exhibition is build around the following themes: Mother and Child, Healthy Apps, Hospital Interventions, The Sensing Self, Supportive Tools, Food for Health, Ambient Assisted Living for Elderly Ageing with Self-esteem, Serious Gaming and Exercising, The Inner Body , Smart Diagnosis and Awareness.

Industrial Design @ Cure & Care
The following Industrial Design projects can be found in the exhibition: A Child-Friendly Patient Room, Close-to-you, Comforting Scents, Crafted Memories, Eggy, IDio, Kükle, SED Learning Cards, Sensible Sense and Smart Jacket. Tactile Dialogues, Vigour, and BB suit: Wearable Clean Air are also part of CRISP.
Additionally, Amigo, E-DES, Organ on a chip, and The VoiceMint are developed at TU/e.

Before Eindhoven, the exposition on display at the Taiwan Design Museum. More information about the exhibitors can be found here:

Exhibition location
Maxima Medisch Centrum Veldhoven
Greenhouse (behind central entrance)
De Run 4600
5504 DB Veldhoven

This exhibition is made possible by: Provincie Noord-Brabant, Slimmer Leven 2020, Máxima Medisch Centrum, Gemeente Veldhoven, Brainport Regio Eindhoven, Health Innovation Campus.

source: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven