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Blood damage tester (Haemobile)

How do you reliably measure, in the lab, the damage (which leads to blood coagulation) that heart valves and artificial valves cause to blood without damaging the measuring equipment itself? HaemoScan posed this question, and we have developed the Haemobile. This machine pumps living, human blood through a heart valve without even using a pump. The movement of the round blood reservoir, in combination with the heart valve, sees to the flow of blood. The blood pressure and blood dynamics were measured and coincide with that of the human body. 5 reservoirs with valves can be tested simultaneously. The reservoirs are covered with a breathable membrane and are screwed down so that they are blood tight, yet the blood can breathe and therefore stays alive. Samples can be taken and substances can be applied through the two Luer-lock connections. The entire set-up is placed in an incubator at body temperature. The reservoir itself is so smooth, that it will not damage the blood.

Name: Haemobile

Aim: the measurement of damage to blood by heart valves and artificial valves

Commissioned by: HaemoScan, Groningen

Material: polycarbonate shell, covered with semi-permeable membranes (breathable), stackable on a RVS and perspex test machine

Particulars: The blood is not subjected to measurable damage through contact, except from the valves or vessels to be researched, even though it is circulated with the normal pressure and pace of bloodflow.