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Teleac – iValve

Het Academisch Ziekenhuis (Spring 2010), Episode 4 (part)

Four years ago Liesbeth Drenth was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal cords and larynx. As radiation had insufficient effect, both had to be removed. Liesbeth had to learn to speak again but experiences many difficulties with the regular speech valve that she received. Ward van der Houwen is researcher and designer at the Biomedical Engineering Department at the UMC Groningen. As many patients experience problems with existing speech valves, he developed a completely new valve with his team of students. In doing so, they drew inspiration from toys from the toyshop. Ward wants to make the new valve as simple and flexible as possible. Liesbeth now comes to the ENT clinic as a volunteer to test the prototype speech valve. Will speech improve with this new invention?

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