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Tracheal pressure measurement

At the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, there was a demand for a system for measuring the air pressure in laryngectomy patients during speech. We have designed a “lid” for this purpose, which the patient can press into the stoma during speech. The “lid” is silicone rubber, the stoma side has a soft all-round sealing cushion, and the other side has a “Luer-lock” connection for connecting a regular pressure sensor. This pressure gauge lid was our first (and instantly successful) attempt to mould part of the product inside out, so that the soft air-filled cushion arises after turning it over allowing the stoma to be closed off, both comfortably and airtight.

Aim: the measurement of air pressure in the oesophagus of laryngectomy patients during speech.

Commissioned by: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital

Material: silicone rubber

Method of fabrication: low pressure poured into a perspex casting mould

Particulars: the part that seals off the stoma is turned inside out after moulding, forming a comfortable airtight cushion.