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Tracheostoma patch

Patients without a larynx (laryngectomy patients) can draw many benefits from air filters and/or speech valves on their tracheostoma. Regular plasters, which can be adhered to the stoma are actually all very flat, and most stomas are deep and irregular. As such, the plasters do not adhere very well, and many patients therefore do not use this plaster, nor the filters and speech valves. And definitely not the automatic (hands-free) speech valves, as these come off even quicker due to the extra pressure the valves apply to the plaster during speech. After measuring 191 patients in 8 countries, a new more concave plaster was developed, which already shows very good results in a pilot study. A patient study will commence in the immediate future.

Aim: to improve the fit of the stoma plaster on the patient’s tracheostoma

Commissioned for: Improvement of hands-free speech for laryngectomy patients

Material: silicone rubber and moulded PE-connector

Method of fabrication: low pressure moulded in a perspex casting mould

Particulars: Concave shape based on the 191 tracheostomas measured in 10 institutes (8 countries)