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The VoiceMint

The VoiceMint electronic voice prosthesis

The patented VoiceMint electronic voice prosthesis is a modern, gadget-like voice replacement device, suited for (temporarily) voice impaired patients. The wireless mint-shaped device is switched on at a squeeze and confirms switch-on with a melody. It can then be put into the mouth between the cheek and teeth. Upon opening of the mouth, the VoiceMint will emit a clearly audible tone that can be articulated into speech. Intonation is achieved with a small head tilt. Until now, patients that are without voice due to injury, cancer or other diseases, need to communicate with gesture, written text or a medical voice generator device. These current electro larynx systems are bulky and crude devices that have to be pressed to the jaw to produce an unnatural and robotic speech sound.

The VoiceMint device is still under development and currently reaching demonstrator stage.

VoiceMint (prototype) on display at:

Exhibition Cure & Care
23 december 2014 – 8 maart 2015
Taiwan Design Museum

Exhibition Cure & Care, Quality of Life
31 mei 2015 – 28 juni 2015
Máxima Medisch Centrum (the Greenhouse)