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Yildiz magnet motor

Documentary about the Yildiz magnet motor.

Beginning this year, RenĂ© van der Woude of Mixr asked me to host a documentary about the Turkish inventor Yildiz and his “magnet motor”. I loved the idea and quickly accepted. I already got familiar with the subject, stumbling upon the subject of “free energy”, years ago. I come from a medical scientific background where scientist are very much forced to stay within their own scientific bubble (publishing outside your own journal scope, for instance, is highly discouraged, even if the subject demands it).

So this seemed like a scientific holiday to me: far away from the grey and familiar science I know so well, to the exotic and foreign land across the border. Into the forbidden and dangerous land of the so called “pseudo-science”!

Personally, I do not know whether the motor is real or not: I’ve seen it at work, briefly. I’ve spoken to the inventors. They seem sweet people. I hope we will be able to shed light on this mystery.

trailer, March 2013